Hi everyone, or I must say "Bonjour"!

My name is Alice, I am 22 years old and I am passionate in Plant Based pastries.

More than two years ago, my road should take a completely other way. I was in holiday in Cape Town with my father, taking a little break before to start my medicine studies (and I must say I was so unsure about this choice). To celebrate this new goal, I went to fly in paragliding for the first time, and from this flight all my life changed. I met my Afrikaans boyfriend on the landing field who were working in the paragliding business I flew with, I gave up my medicine studies, say by to my lovely family (that I miss a lots indeed), moved to South Africa and began my new story. 

After intense brainstorming (very very intense) and research on my professional future, I knew what was my real passion : Cooking. 

But not only cooking, cooking plant based, gluten free & healthy pastries (I love too much sweet..).

From there, I did a pastry course at SA Chef Academy (a chef school that I recommend 100%, my teacher was really friendly, and I learn a lots thanks to her) and I learned all the basics about pastry. When I finished, the rest of the work was mine : use the pastry basics I learned for plant based pastries. 

And here I am, and it is only the beginning. I have so much ideas and goals for the future. I would love to help people to eat healthier, more natural foods, with different flavors and without any guiltiness. 

Thanks for reading a little part of me, I hope you enjoy my website.